Archeologia e Calcolatori
Archeologia e Calcolatori
JOURNAL ESTABLISHED BY: Mauro Cristofani and Riccardo Francovich - EDITOR: Alessandra Caravale, formerly directed by Paola Moscati (1990-2022)

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Since 2005, Archeologia e Calcolatori is an OAI data provider and is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Among the articles published in the twenty-year editorial activity, at present about 500 articles can be freely downloadable in .pdf format from the journal website. They are regularly indexed by OAI service providers and specific search tools (e.g. OAISTER) and are present in the indexes of Google and the main search engines.

The adhesion to the Open Archives Initiative and the Open Access philosophy is closely connected to the policy of the journal, which has added to its traditional international role of editorial point of reference for archaeological computing a direct experimental commitment in adopting cutting-edge technologies for fostering the online dissemination of scientific contents.

OAIsistema is an application that allows one to easily administer the collection of Archeologia e Calcolatori articles, sharing them in the circuit of the Open Archives and making possible their harvesting from the OAI service providers. Resources are described through Dublin Core metadata and stored in an OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) repository.

In 2005, Archeologia e Calcolatori's repository was reported in the OAI mailing list as «the first Static Repository data-provider registration ... which uses Patrick Hochstenbach's gateway at Ghent University» and in 2006, in a study conducted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory on the online coverage by generic search tools of documents deposited in OAI repositories, our journal was in first place regarding the indexing easiness in search engines on the web.

In addition to the OAI support, the application developed for the journal includes two other web services. The first is designed especially for Google spider: each record in the repository has a static associated URL, reachable through only three hyperlink from the homepage of the journal (year, volume, article), so the repository can be easily indexed. The second service is a local search engine accessible from the homepage of the website, which allows users to search by author, subject, year, and free text in the metadata for each article. Therefore, all electronic resources in the repository can be traced through three different paths: OAI, Google and the journal website.


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Additional References on the Open Archives Initiative

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